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Code of Student Conduct

Whaley Middle School rules and policies apply to all student and at all school ativities, as well

as during regular school hours. They apply to students:


  1. While on school grounds;
  2. While coming to or going from school;
  3. During the lunch periods;
  4. During, while going to school and coming from any school sponsored activity.

The following offences will result in a referral to a counselor or an administrator. All may result in a parent contact, parent conference and/or suspension/expulsion depending upon the seriousness of the act. ALL suspensions/expulsions must be cleared with an administator before the student is allowed to return to school. A pattern of offenses, i.e. repeat offenses, may result in expulsion or referral to the alternative Middle School site:


Respect for Others

I will respect the dignity and rights of every student and adult at Whaley Middle School. I will refrain from making racial slurs or using vulgar, obscene or insulting language. I will behave responsibly with regard to the rights and safety of others, and understand the importance of mutual respect and understanding. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences.


Stategies for Success

I will set goals:

  • School is my # 1 priority.
  • I will implement steps to achieve goals.
  • I will talk with my parents about school experiences.
  • I will take pride in my work.


I will use time wisely:

  • I will set a specific study time.
  • I will adjust studey time to meet the needs of each subject.
  • I will plan for circumstances that might interrupt school study time.


I will have materials:

  • I will be aware of and responsible for the location of school materials.
  • I will maintain adequate school supplies at home and at school.
  • I will have a daily assignment log and a calendar for long-term assignments.


I will develop good study methods:

  • I will utilize my wirting process.
  • I will organize a notebook into and effective study tool.
  • I will use methods and resources that meet my individual learning style.
  • I will create a comfortable and effective study center.


I will arrive on time for all of my classes. I understand that tardiness impacts student performance and disrupts the classroom process. Detention will be assigned for excessive tardiness.


Campus Cleanliness

I will not leave trash on the classroom floor, on the field, in the cafeteria or in the multi-purpose room. I understand that clean-up duty will be assigned for violation of this rule.


Use of School Facilities

I will use the restrooms, drinking fountains, athletic equipment, cafeteria and all other school facilities in the manner for which they were intended.


Disruption of School Activities

I will not engage in behavior that disrupts school activities. I understand that actions such as inappropriate classroom conduct, the use of profanity, lack of respect for classmates and adults, unauthorized sale of any item on campus and the possession of matches, tobacco, or fireworks are unacceptable behaviors which may result in suspension and/or expulsion from school.


Make-up Work

Students with excused absences have the opportunity to make up their work. For absences of less than three days, students should contact a homework partner. The telephone number of a study buddy in each class should be kept in this organizer. After three (3) days of illness, a parent may wish to call school and request class work/homework from the teachers. The assignments will be left at the counter in the main office. Assignments are to be made up within a reasonable time as set forth by the teacher.


School Uniforms



Classroom Disturbances

Students involved in the continued disruption of class activities are subject to suspension. This policy includes, but not limited to, use of stink bombs, "poppers", and water guns.



Fighting, threatening to cause bodily harm to another student and/or intimidation will result in suspension, possible adjustment to another school or Continuation School.


Defiance of Authority

Defiance of the authority of teachers, administrators, campus security, instructional aides, maintenance workers or any school staff engaged in the performance of their duties is grounds for parent contact, parent conference and/or suspension.



Habitual use of profanity or vulgarity, and/or committing an obscene act is grounds for parent contact, parent conference and/or suspension.


Ethnic Slurs

Ethnic slurs and/or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and is grounds for parent contact, parent conference and may result in suspension.


Drugs and Alcohol

Smoking, alcohol, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia use, possession or sale of any of the above will result in suspension and referral to the District Advisory Hearing Panel for recommened transfer to alternative school or expulsion.



Possession of a weapon is grounds for immediate expulsion and/or arrest.


Defacing of School Property

Stealing and/or Vandalism of school or personal property are grounds for suspension, adjustment and a monetary responsibility. Vandalism - $200 (fine). Stealing - full and complete replacement.



Gambling on campus is grounds for suspension.


Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment of any staff or student is grounds for suspension/expulsion. Males are not allowed to wear earrings. Earings are subject to be confiscated by an administrator.


The following guidelines have been estabilshed for the safety and the well being of the students and the campus.


Picture Identification

Student picture identification that was taken last year is to be used again this year. New enrollees at Whaley M. S. will be provided an opportunity to obtain one. I.D.'s are required at all times during the school day. The I.D. is to be presented upon request by any school personnel. The cost for lost or stolen I.D. is $5.00. I.D.'s must be presented when obtaining lunch and also when boarding the buses.



Bike parking is available in a designated area on campus. Bikes are to be walked whenever they are on campus. For safety, helmets are required. Skateboards, skates and roller blades are not allowed on campus.



Visiting friends should not be brought on campus during the school day. Trepassers are subject to police actions.



Students out of class during class time must have a valid pass (this student planner) written with the student's name, time, destination, and teacher's signature. Students should request the pass before leaving the classroom. No student is to ever leave campus without a pass from a counselor, administrator or the attendance office.


Students are not to leave campus for any reason unless cleared in advance by a note from parents. Notes must include a phone number to verify the issuing of a Permit to Leave Grounds. Students must check out at the main office with the Permit to Leave Grounds slip.